Friday, July 3, 2009

Orange Box Necklace

I stopped in at Orange Box, my favorite local jewelry maker, at the Fremont Sunday market last weekend and found this incredible necklace!  I have been on the hunt for a funky oversized statement necklace and this one was just what I have been looking for.  If you haven't been to Krissy's booth at the Sunday Market then definitely stop by.  She takes vintage jewelry and other trinkets and turns them into lovely handmade creations that always make an incredible statement.  I love that every time I pick up a new piece from her no one else will have the same one.  And at prices ranging from $6-$25 dollars you start to feel like you are getting away with something each time you make a purchase...  

Yes, that IS a Visa sticker on her sign!  Most vendors at the market only take cash so even when I have already spent my money at the underground market I can still pick out some jewelry at Orange Box.

Beware... You will be encouraged to play dress-up and you will therefore fall in love with the items you try on.  

Although the best selection of her creations can be found at the market some items can be purchased on her website and Etsy page.  You can also browse through her list of other locations here.  Thanks Krissy for always keeping your customers looking sassy and original.

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