Sunday, January 24, 2010

Billy Goat Vintage

During my day exploring the Alberta Arts District I happened upon Billy Goat Vintage. Emily, the lovely and stylish girl in the photo above was working there during my visit.

This shop is so beautifully decorated and easy to shop. So often I leave vintage shops feeling completely overwhelmed and overstimulated from hunting through packed racks of vintage fare. At Billy Goat Vintage I felt like each timeless vintage piece had been carefully selected and placed. With clothes and accessories for men and women hanging on tree branches amongst antique furniture and decor this shop is a treasure hunters paradise... and on top of everything else the prices are great! If you head down to Portland Billy Goat Vintage is well worth the trip. And don't miss the wall of beautiful hats in the back room. There were three that were begging to come home with me.

If you can't go there in person Billy Goat has an Etsy shop. So many great pieces on there!

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