Friday, January 8, 2010


Sarah was working at Edie's on my most recent stop there. She is always wearing the greatest outfits. I love the uneven bottom of this dress with the white pleats peaking out underneath. Sarah even let me in on where she got her stunning lipstick. It is MAC's matte lipstick in Chili. It is exactly the shade I have been on the hunt for over the last year. I picked some up shortly after this and it is fantastic but... Sarah pulls it off much better than I.

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jaunty magpie said...

She is 100% Adorable -- love the hair, the makeup, and the outfit is as sweet as it is sassy!

dana said...

Sarah has a great sense of style. Very effortless. And such a lovely smile. Both times I have asked to take her picture she has been great to photograph. And so dang friendly!

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