Monday, January 25, 2010

From Runway to Street

Sad you aren't in Paris right now? Stacy from Bijou Living, Claire from Harbourmaster and I feel the same way. So we've all decided to find inspiration at home and share with you all, our lovely readers. But first, a few photos...

Josephus Thimister

Dries Van Noten

Anne Demeulemeester

Christian Dior

Damir Doma (Photo:Ernest Aregall)

It is fashion week in Paris and we will be seeing a beautiful flood of runway photos for weeks to come of both menswear and women's haute couture. The newest and most innovative ideas in apparel, accessories, hair and makeup can feel a little dreamy and impossible when we see them worn in runway style. The key to taking these designs and bringing them into our day to day attire is absorbing them in a broader sense. When you see images from the runway that you like look for details within the clothing that catch your eye such as color combinations, era inspiration, or exaggerated shapes. Make note, or tear these pictures out of your magazines to keep track of your favorite characteristics. Now for the fun part... getting creative at vintage shops, thrift stores, flea markets, and on Etsy. There are two really great benefits to finding your favorite runway trends this way aside from the immense savings: you won't see anyone else wearing your purchase and when you pay second hand prices a passing trend leaves you completely unphased and ready to hunt down your next favorite trend.

We have so many great Vintage and consignment shops in Seattle. Here are some of my favorites right now:
-Fremont Underground Market every Sunday- Words cannot describe my love for this weekly event. Some of my very favorite belongings hail from this flea market. Sometimes you can even negotiate the price you feel is right for an item. Antique jewelry, levi's, motorcycle boots, and elaborate coats grace every little corner of this treasure trove.
-20 Twenty Vintage in Ballard- If you are on the hunt for something particular, tell the sales person and they will help you find it. If it's not in the store they may be able to find it for your on their Etsy shop.
-Atlas Clothing on Capitol Hill and Fremont Vintage Mall- same owners, equally wonderful and easy to shop.
-Private Screening in Fremont- antique prescription glasses, ornamental hats, wool coats, and sailor shirts. This shop is full of gorgeous items in beautiful condition.
-Red Light on Capitol Hill and in the University District- With items separated by era it easy to find just what you are looking for.
-Moksha- There are so many well placed vintage treasures amongst Moksha's new stock. There are always lovely, sometimes re-worked vintage frocks in the back by the dressing rooms.
-That's Atomic on Capitol Hill- I love this little shop. The owner can tell you everything about anything she is selling... who would have worn it, where it was made, how it is supposed to fit. If you happen to walk by when they are open then stop in! They don't have set hours. I am lucky enough to live across the street so I can peak out my window and see if they are working.
-Pretty Parlor on Capitol Hill- Anna Banana will help you find just what you are looking for and if she can't then she will know where you should go to get it. This fabulous lady knows her vintage and if you bring her a photo of a style you are trying to obtain I can pretty confidently say that you won't leave empty handed.

So this year, take your runway favorites and make them happen. It is so rewarding finding your own version of these artful styles. Also rewarding? Saving up occasionally for the real thing to accompany your unique finds. You deserve it after all you have saved... Hello Barney's

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